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Value Kare Group is an Outsourcing and Consulting services organization specializing in Hospital Operations & Medical Services, Automated Fixed Assets management & Inventory Valuation Audit solutions.


What Would Set us Apart– Our Key Differentiators - USP

Strong Team - Experienced Professionals in Shared Services Operations, IT, Outsourcing Hospital Medical services and Consulting process automation, Fixed asset centralization and inventory audits and valuation for all industries Pan-India Operations.

Extended Cost Arbitrage 20% to 30% with enhanced quality of service delivery at par or even above Tier 1 clients due to low start up costs.

Dedicated Management Bandwidth for Client with Operations, Consulting and Project Management Expertise.

Experienced Professionals – Guaranteed Over-management of Processes, high attention span for client for a delightful client experience.

Client Satisfaction will be our sole motto. We will treat our client with utmost care and not just treat them as another client. You will feel a guaranteed difference.

Flexibility & Adaptability to Servicing Client Specific Requirements. There is no option for us to fail, we will put our best foot forward dedicatedly.

Business Partnering and Collaboration approach - Extended Arm of the business.

Sound Pure Play Operational Background- Quality Focus, Continuous Benchmarking on Productivity, Lean, Technology and Automation.


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